Thursday, October 19, 2006

içki kültürüne katkı...

LEGO is selling a new ice tray that pops little LEGO brick of ice. This means you can build your own LEGO ice sculpture. The $10 LEGO ice cube tray is made out of silicone, dishwasher safe and capable of making up to 10 ice bricks.
The Big Bottle Wine Dispenser is the equivalent of a wine keg for your kitchen (or restaurant). In addition to serving up your red, food grade nitrogen is dispensed to preserve the quality and white wines are kept at the ideal temperature. The company suggests that Big Bottle Wine lets you, “promote an ‘eco-friendly environment’, [offer] eye catching customer appeal, [and] ease of operation.”What’s cooler than a shot made of ice? That’s the question being asked over Perpetual Kid where they’re selling cool ice cube trays that let you create shot glasses made of ice. Watch out though, the Cool Shooters will have to compete for freezer space with your Lego Ice Cube Trays.

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